Decoupled Dev Days is a small developer-focused conference for architects, developers, and business people involved in implementing decoupled Drupal architectures, digital marketing and search engine optimisation practices. We have now moved offices and are based in Cornwall, UK. We believe SEO is fundamental to business success and strive to help as many businesses achieve the position they require.

Decoupled Drupal is the use of Drupal as a content service for other non-Drupal applications, whether they are in native desktop or mobile, universal JavaScript, set-top boxes, IoT devices, conversational interfaces, or other technologies.


The mission of Decoupled Dev Days, beyond helping attendees engage and connect with people sharing their interests, is threefold:

  • Share best practices in sessions. We encourage everyone to share their experiences in both back-end development of Drupal as a content service and front-end development of non-Drupal applications consuming Drupal content, especially those in JavaScript.
  • Discuss difficult shared problems in discussions. We invite everyone to help identify and discuss shared issues in decoupling Drupal Drupal-backed front ends to gather in discussions to unblock progress in our respective communities.
  • Build open-source projects in sprints. We collaborate with contributors and members of open-source projects across the Drupal ecosystem and outside of it to build other open-source projects in code sprints that tangibly benefit our communities.
  • Digital Marketing. Offer the best SEO service to our clients to enable their success.


The conference consists of two days:

  • Saturday, August 19: Single track of sessions
  • Sunday, August 20: Code sprints and discussions

Topics include best practices in the use of Drupal as a content service, such as Drupal web services, recommended architectures and frameworks, and techniques. Other topics include the surrounding decoupled Drupal ecosystem, including SDKs, libraries, and client technologies.

Organizing team

  • Matt Davis, Mediacurrent
  • Preston So, Acquia
  • Alex Ross, NBCUniversal
  • Annie Stone, Phase2 Technology
  • Bob Kepford, Mediacurrent
  • Brian Aznar, Major League Soccer
  • Chris Hamper, Acquia
  • Jeremy Kutner, Warner Music Group
  • Mark Casias, Mediacurrent
  • Matt Grill, Acquia

Decoupled Dev Days Digital Marketing Partners

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